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AFTER ACTION REPORT: January’s Art of Escape

AFTER ACTION REPORT: January’s Art of Escape

By now, you’ve certainly heard about Rift Recon’s most successful mission to date: the debut of our Art of Escape training in January. We ran our participants through numerous tutorials, tests, and tribulations, and though they emerged in one piece, smiling for the camera at their “graduation,” it definitely wasn’t a cake walk!

Our students came from a diverse array of backgrounds and professions, but they expressed multiple similarities. For instance, most students excelled at learning to escape from physical bonds, while a like majority found the most challenging part of the training to be acquiring and executing various lock picking techniques. Participants also found themselves having to think outside the box when presented with field exercises that utilized over half a dozen checkpoints, all while keeping to a strict time frame. Some students were surprised to discover that they had to rely on their peers to complete lessons and obstacles, being arbitrarily paired up with one another and taught skills that relied just as much on teamwork as they did individual prowess.

We received some incredible constructive feedback from our trainees after graduation, and as a result of their insightful observations we’re considering adding a few new components to the schedule. Each participant lent unique knowledge and dimension to the training, and we’re looking forward to increasing the quality, comprehensiveness, and efficiency of each month’s Art of Escape with their continued support.

The next Art of Escape training will be held from Thursday February 27th - Saturday March 1st at The San Francisco Armory. Spots are still available! For registration information, visit:

-Arianna Travaglini
Arianna is a Staff Administrator at Rift Recon.