Access Prohibited Now Available on Kindle!

Rift Recon is thrilled to announce that our comprehensive dossier, Access Prohibited, is now available to the public for instant download on Kindle! Previously only accessible as a PDF to staff and select customers, this fully illustrated, step-by-step guide to safety, security, and privacy can now be easily viewed and shared on any mobile device. Access Prohibited has something to offer everyone - physical security professionals and novice spy skills enthusiasts alike - and combines both basic and sophisticated techniques. Constructed with care by the cumulative efforts of a locksmith apprentice, a network and physical security penetration tester, a physical security private contractor, and of those involved with law enforcement covert entry teams, there simply is nothing else on the market like it.

You’ll learn to open most every type of door you’ll encounter in everyday urban and office settings and see examples of in-person entry tools that support social engineering, such as specialized badges and helpful office equipment with hidden compartments. You’ll find out how to select a multi-tool and headlamp for covert urban missions, learn about using LAN Taps for electronic surveillance, and figure out which endoscope is best when you want to keep a low profile. In addition, you’ll be taught step-by-step how to clone keys, how to pick and defeat both padlocks and tubular locks, and so much more, all while employing a combination of ordinary re-purposed items and specialized tools designed by (and available through) Rift Recon.

So whether you want to build a safe home, reinforce a secure business, or upgrade your personal safety as an at-risk individual, let Access Prohibited be your guide to getting there. Rift Recon understands that to know how to subvert security is to know how to strengthen it, and we’re excited to finally share our breadth of knowledge with the community at large.

-Arianna Travaglini

Arianna Travaglini is an Executive Assistant at Rift Recon