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Rift Recon Appoints Brian O’Shea As Senior Intelligence Advisor

With over 20 years of international security, risk, and intelligence experience, Brian O’Shea joins Rift Recon as Senior Intelligence Advisor and Trainer.

Rift Recon, a San Francisco-based physical security, risk and training firm, recently concluded its third public urban escape and evasion training, the “Art of Escape,” in the Downtown Bay Area. Though the prior trainings had been remarkably successful, March’s run was particularly so due to a brand new addition to the team: seasoned Intelligence and Solutions expert Brian O’Shea.  

O’Shea lends his considerable expertise in social engineering, improvised weapons, risk avoidance, and many more subjects. He is a certified and experienced instructor with credentials from the U.S. Intelligence Community and a professional license from a state private security regulating authority. As part of Rift Recon, he brings a crucial skill set to the team, rounding out Rift’s already “Best in Class” offerings.

“We teach these skills because we want all of our clients, students and friends to be safe, no matter where they are,” states O’Shea, “Hostile situations can be overcome by having the proper training and exposure.”

“Brian’s resume and experience speaks for itself. He has been an intelligence collector all over the world, has authored and executed numerous risk and security plans for some of the world’s top executives, and has established active networks all over the world for his own survival,” said Rift CEO Eric Michaud.

O’Shea complements the existing skills of the company with his own. Michaud has been featured in numerous publications on related subjects, has an active client list for those requiring unique security and risk solutions, and has recently been invited to teach workshops at the Annual Oslo Freedom Forum this May in Oslo, Norway. As an accomplished instructor, it was of paramount importance to Michaud that any addition to the company be an engaging and established educator.

“The most important thing is that Brian knows how to connect with the students and allows them to build their own solutions with a very effective, interactive and empathetic style of teaching,” Michaud adds, “I am thrilled to welcome him on board the Rift Recon Team!”

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About Rift Recon

Founded in 2013, Rift Recon is a premiere physical security agency comprised of researchers, former military and private security detail contractors, and computer and hardware hackers that equips its clients from a suite of exclusive services including specialized trainings, hardware tampering and forensics work, assessment reports, tool creation and team outfitting. Visit or follow @RiftRecon on Twitter for more information.

About Brian O’Shea

Brian O’Shea is an international security, risk, and intelligence consultant to several Fortune 500 CEOs and NGO leaders.  Brian started his career as a trained Arabic linguist and led several small intelligence and collection teams while serving in 5th and 1st Special Forces.  Brian has also contracted with several government intelligence agencies and performed counter terror, counter proliferation, and special activities in South America, the Middle and Near East, South East Asia, and Europe.  Brian also is the owner of Striker Pierce LLC in Virginia, a boutique investigative and solutions firm. Brian has a Master’s in Criminology from Boston University, is a Certified Private Security Instructor, and has over 20 years of related experience.  Brian now is the Senior Intelligence and Risk Advisor for Rift Recon.  Brian instructs Rift’s Clients in Best Practices in order to avoid capture, harm, and potentially dangerous situations in domestic and overseas environments.  Brian was also featured in Janine Driver’s book “You Can’t Lie to Me” in which he teaches readers about body language reading, manipulation, and base lining. For more on Brian O’Shea please visit