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With 10 years of information security experience, Carl Vincent joins the team as an active consultant and special project developer in the newly formed Rift Recon Development Group (DEVGRU).

When Rift Recon CEO Eric Michaud began looking to bring additional consultants on board his flourishing team, his attention was immediately drawn to Los Angeles-based information security specialist Carl Vincent.

“Carl is as skilled as he is passionate,” says Michaud, “He’s made it his life’s goal to teach, and that makes him the ideal candidate for a consulting and development position.”

Mr. Vincent possesses both professional and volunteer experience in penetration testing, threat assessment, application design, protocol evaluation, reverse engineering, malware analysis, and red team operations. Not only that, but he functions as a general knowledge base at the intersections of a wide variety of sub-disciplines within the information security field.

By leveraging his knowledge, Vincent has accumulated accolades that include multiple conference speaking engagements, an international rapport, and a thirst to maintain an ever broadening skillset that manifests beyond his professional attitude and exudes itself as a primary component of his everyday life’s pursuits.

“Carl has worked for and collaborated with everyone from Fortune 10 to Fortune 500 companies,” Michaud concludes, “Rift Recon feels extremely privileged to have him join our ranks and improve the already profound quality of our services.”

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