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Rift Recon Brings The Art of Escape to ISSW 2015

Rift Recon is to offer their first large-scale urban escape and evasion training of the New Year to those attending InfoSec Southwest in Austin, TX on April 8th-10th.


“We’re talking about an entirely new terrain with entirely new challenges. The Austin playing field will be unparalleled to what any Art of Escape participant has experienced before.”

San Francisco, CA February 4th, 2015

As the InfoSec Southwest (ISSW) conference approaches, San Francisco security company Rift Recon bolsters its arsenal of cutting-edge knowledge in anticipation. In addition to the lecture tracks, ISSW has a number of specialized and in-depth training courses available before the conference begins. Rift Recon’s renowned urban escape and evasion course, The Art of Escape (AOE), is being offered as one of those trainings. It will be Rift’s inaugural ISSW intensive, and the first Art of Escape course of the New Year.

Art of Escape ISSW participants can expect to garner skills such as how to pick, bypass, and open locks, open handcuffs, duct tape, and rope, as well as effectively utilize social engineering and active confidence schemes to their advantage. This three-day-long intensive, led by head trainer Brian O'Shea and Rift Recon CEO Eric Michaud, will close with a    realistic abduction simulation designed to put the students’ newfound knowledge into practice. The students will have to gain the trust of their captors, break free of their restraints, escape by gaining access to restricted or unauthorized areas without detection, and much, much more.

“We’re talking about an entirely new terrain with entirely new challenges,” remarked O’Shea, who develops the abduction simulation programming, “The Austin playing field will be unparalleled to what any Art of Escape participant has experienced before.”

Potential AOE players should keep in mind that each course is pre-registration only until the attendance threshold indicated is met. Once the attendance threshold is met, pre-registrants will be contacted with full registration and tuition payment instructions. You can learn more about The Art of Escape at ISSW, as well as pre-register, by clicking through to the official training listings page.

“Since this will be the first Art of Escape training of the new year, we’re excited to be able to apply all of our attention and resources to blowing it out of the water,” said Michaud. “We’re aware that we’re developing a curriculum for industry insiders as opposed to the general public, and that creates a unique opportunity to produce brand new material.”

About ISSW:

InfoSec Southwest is an annual information security and hacking conference held in Austin, Texas, one of the most interesting and beautiful cities in the United States. By addressing a broad scope of subject-matter, InfoSec Southwest is intended to both provide a comprehensive and valuable forum to all participants as well as fill a gap for our local attendees left by the other few conferences held here in Texas which are all focused on a narrower scope of subject matter or a narrower slice of audience demographic. Visit for more information and registration instructions.

About Rift Recon:

Rift Recon is a premiere cyber and physical security agency comprised of researchers, former military and private security detail contractors, and computer and hardware hackers that equips its clients from a suite of exclusive services, including specialized consulting, trainings, hardware tampering and forensics work, software development, assessment reports, tool creation, and team outfitting. Visit, find them on Facebook, or follow @RiftRecon on Twitter for more information.