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Pick Set ZIEH-FIX Pick Needle Set “Novum" Review


For a mere 96 pounds you could be the proud owner of what looks like a compact pickset - the German made Pick Set ZIEH-FIX Pick Needle Set “Novum” But upon further examination it turns out this pickset is not what it appears to be at all. This is a manual Electronic Pick Gun (EPG).

That is to say, it has 13 different interchangeable tips (3 of each) and one common handle, and ALL of these tips are designed for raking, strong up and down motions. NONE of these tips are designed for the slower techniques used with most manual lockpicks. Also, these 39 tips will likely fit into your EPG that you may currently own.

So what makes this different than your EPG, no batteries… It’s man powered, if you will. Other than the 39 pick tips (13 different types) you will receive 1 tension wrench, 1 allen wrench and 1 brass handle.

To use this tool, you loosen the knurled nut on the brass handle and insert one of the pick tips, then you must tighten the knurled nut as tight as you can and insert the tip into any lock you wish to open. And rapidly shake this tool, up and down until the lock succumbs to your tireless efforts. You should use quite a bit for force when shaking the tool, the tips may seem weak but they are made of Hardened stainless steel, so they can take a beating… Plus you have 3 of each so it’s ok to break one.

If you were to ask my personal opinion of this tool I would have to rate it a solid 3.5 out of 5. I don’t rake much so I would love to have a few normal hooks with the set, but when raking this tool does work great. It is quieter than an EPG or manual pick gun, also smaller and overall more covert but of course requires more effort from the user.

The picks are strong for what they are and you have the largest variety of rakes in any one set that I have ever seen. But my biggest complaint is that there is only ONE tension wrench. I always say the tensor is as important (if not more) than the pick, not every lock fits 1 tensor… So add yourself a couple more tensors and you have yourself a nice, quick, covert rake set.

These tools can be found at Amazon and a few other locksmith tool retailers.

-James Butler