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On Sunday Rift Recon quietly began testing our online store to be able to accept Bitcoin payments for our products. On Monday, after stress testing our payment system backend and shopping cart, we announced on the Rift Recon Twitter account that we’re now taking Bitcoin payments worldwide to the countries we ship to. Currently those countries are: United State Netherlands United Kingdom Germany Spain Malaysia Australia Switzerland France Canada If you want to know more about Bitcoin, watch the quick video below. If your curious how we do transactions with Bitpay, watch this video too. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to...

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Tutorial by Datagram A physical Bitcoin is a combination of elements meant for long-term preservation and storage of a private key. They’re comprised of a metal coin, a paper that includes the public key that can be used to verify the balance of a Bitcoin wallet, the private key to retrieve that balance, and an adhesive tamper-evident seal to shield the private key from prying eyes. In theory, any attempt to reveal the private key would evidence tampering of the seal. Like most products that use a tamper-evident seal, “Physical Bitcoins by Casascius" boast:”It’s pretty difficult to remove the hologram...

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