Having Trouble Keeping Your Evil Maid Honest: We're Here To Help.

Posted on October 08, 2013 by

Eric Michaud, CEO of Rift Recon and Ryan Lackey, CEO of CryptoSeal (formely of Havenco) present entirely new research on “Evil Maid” attacks at Hack In The Box Malaysia next week. The “Evil Maid” scenario is when a shut down, at rest laptop or device is accessed, read, and or tampered with often in a hotel room or border crossing environment. 

In their presentation Thwarting Evil Maid Attacks: Physically Unclonable Functions for Hardware Tamper Detection on October 17th at 11:30AM Track 3, Michaud and Lackey’s new findings focus on lowering the time between hardware compromise and compromise discovery, and the two researchers also cover several common operating environments and their methods of detection. Michaud and Lackey strongly suggest that activists, journalists, sales staff, engineers and senior executives at risk for corporate espionage take note, and for these at-risk targets the two will be including protective methods and policies that can be implemented quickly and reliably.

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