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Great Art of Escape NYC TV coverage: Five seats added

artofescape New York City WPIX11

On the night before Art of Escape NYC, we were interviewed and featured on one of NYC’s biggest local TV stations and the nightly news. Ayana Harry interviewed Eric Michaud about our first NYC class and asked great questions about who takes Art of Escape, and why. We were especially entertained to see the station use clips from our video - and shots of actor Liam Neeson from the film “Taken.”To meet demand, we now have five additional seats for Art of Escape NYC: Sign up here. If you want to sign up at the last minute (class starts at...

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Art of Escape Lands in the Big Apple on August 29th

art of escape manhattan new york city Rift Recon training

For the past five months Rift Recon’s renowned Art of Escape (AoE) trainings have been at the forefront of a surging survival subculture. Those living within accessible distance of San Francisco, the company’s home base, have inarguably been the most fortunate. As the rave reviews came pouring in, however, so did the requests to bring AOE to different parts of the country. Rift Recon is proud to announce that the first satellite AoE intensive will be held in one of the most fascinating cities in the world: Manhattan, NYC. East Coast participants can expect to garner the same skills as...

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