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Hi Everyone, It’s been a loooong while since we’ve hosted a public Art of Escape training. It’s getting on to be a year. We have been inundated with requests to run another public AoE for some time but we’ve been pulled in different directions as Rift Recon is a growing company, and putting on private Art of Escapes for companies.  Another direction that we’ve been pulled is my other new venture Dark Sum a Darknet indexing company that was born out of research here at Rift Recon and tested in DARPA MEMEX. So it just hasn’t left much time in the day for...

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Best-selling American novelist Barry Eisler was an exceedingly precocious student in one of the first Rift Recon Art of Escape courses last year in San Francisco. Unbeknownst to us at the time, Eisler was not just hungry for knowledge - he was ravenous. The Art of Escape was only one in a long series of defense and survival trainings that Eisler embarked on, and he recently published a comprehensive piece in Black Belt Magazine detailing his experiences. For the entire story, be sure to pick up a print copy of Black Belt or subscribe today! - Arianna Travaglini Executive Assistant...

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA Monday December 1st, 2014 Striker Pierce CEO and Rift Recon Intelligence Instructor Brian O’ Shea will be presenting at the International Conference on Corporate Espionage and Industrial Security (ICCE) in Ottawa today. Rift Recon staffer Arianna Travaglini hopped on the phone with O’Shea recently to discuss the impending presentation. How did you get involved with ICCE this year? This is my inaugural year attending ICCE. I was contacted by [Northgate CEO] Michel Juneau Katsuya a few months back; he’d heard about my reputation for collecting intelligence and wanted me to submit a proposal to present on...

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For the last year we have only been able to offer Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) for our international customers or other FedEx options. Both options are prohibitively expensive but now we can often ship up to 3-4 times cheaper helping our customers achieve their work objectives better and in budget.To see shipment prices to any country we ship to outside the US go to shop.riftrecon.com and fill up your cart. During checkout enter your shipping information and you’ll see the new option for USPS Priority International with your new savings over GXG shipments. Best, The Rift Recon Team

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Over the past few months Rift Recon has been steadily working to expand and improve upon our Art of...

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