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April 15th, 2014 March’s Art of Escape was all about new faces, strange places, and facing unexpected obstacles with exceptional results. The first major change was staff-related: Rift Recon was thrilled to welcome Brian O’Shea to the team as a Trainer and Senior Intelligence Advisor. Brian brings over twenty years of intelligence and tactical risk experience to the team and proved to be an engaging Art of Escape instructor. He put an entirely new spin on using social engineering and tactical intelligence collection to gain valuable supplies and intelligence, and had a blast doing it! You can read more about...

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AFTER ACTION REPORT: January’s Art of EscapeBy now, you’ve certainly heard about Rift Recon’s most successful mission to date: the debut of our Art of Escape training in January. We ran our participants through numerous tutorials, tests, and tribulations, and though they emerged in one piece, smiling for the camera at their “graduation,” it definitely wasn’t a cake walk! Our students came from a diverse array of backgrounds and professions, but they expressed multiple similarities. For instance, most students excelled at learning to escape from physical bonds, while a like majority found the most challenging part of the training to...

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Here’s a recap of our favorite news stories recently featured in the Rift Recon newsletter: Drug Traffickers Hacked Major Shipping Port Tracking SystemThe scheme sounds like a work of near science fiction. But police in the Netherlands and Belgium insist it’s true, and say they have the evidence to prove it: two tons of cocaine and heroin, a machine gun, a suitcase stuffed with $1.7 million, and hard drive cases turned into hacking devices. Kentucky’s Case of the Missing BourbonAmerica’s decade-old romance with Kentucky bourbon, a drink formerly as plebeian as a Chevrolet, has come to this: high-end bar chefs...

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Rift Recon is hiring and we’re pretty sure some of the people reading this post will be a perfect fit. All in a days work We’re based in San Francisco and have primary team members in different parts of the US. Rift is growing fast and we’re about to introduce a range of new retail products and services. Our new space for training - in partnership and conjunction with Triple Aught Design - will be opening in San Francisco next month. We’re hiring immediately. We’re looking for: * Fulfillment staff* Sales specialists* Designers and engineers* Trainers If you’re interested in...

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The 7&8 Pin Tubular Pick is a sweet tool: Instead of skipping over tubular locks (which we encounter fairly common in the field) during an audit, picking becomes a simple task. Lighten your loadout. With the 7&8 Pin Tubular Pick you no longer need to carry two devices. Now cabinets, soda machines, arcade cabinets, a variety of access control system enclosures and much more are quick and easy to defeat with just a little practice. The tool is compact, it allows you to swap between the two most common pinnings in the field, and it can be smartly hidden in various...

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