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We’re extremely pleased with the team here has accomplished in the first six weeks since Rift’s official launch. A partnership with ExploitHub, our online store is open and stocked, we’re running fast with a newsletter every week, and we put new products online every chance we get… Now we get to announce the release the first of our Rift Recon Kit Dossiers. When you get a Rift Recon product or service, we believe it shouldn’t be the end of the transaction, but the beginning of something cool. When we ship you a product we look forward to your emails, tweets,...

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Last night - while you were sleeping - the Rift Recon Store went live. After processing our first orders this morning, we’re excited to announce that the launch is now official: the Rift Recon Store offers the highest quality physical security and penetration testing products and kits, and trainings, available anywhere. The Rift Recon Store will be adding new products every week. Get individual tools you can’t find anywhere else (like the Under The Door Tool), Rift Recon kits (including the original Red Team Kit) and exclusive, expertly selected collections (such as Rift’s own Bump Key Set) - plus educational...

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This is the 12 piece lockpick set offered by the TOOOL organization, designed by their members to open as many locks possible with the least amount of effort. I have been testing this set for nearly a week now and I will share my findings with you. Upon initial inspection I found the picks themselves to be very thick, so thick that I wondered if they would even fit in most euro keyways. But as I was testing them, I found they fit in nearly every keyway I tried (exotic keyways being the exception) but I did find it difficult...

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At Defcon 21 earlier this month ExploitHub and Rift Recon held #LOLBitcoin, a party at a two story Sky Villa in the Palms Hotel. In order to get in, guests had to solve a multi-phase crypto challenge (Walkthrough posted on the ExploitHub blog) or receive a VIP pass. Here Rift Recon engineer John Norman describes our setup utilized for the party. With 10 days to go before Blackhat, and an epic party planned at the Palms Hotel, we had a problem. Some of the key sponsors were still on the fence about doing the RFID-based party access system we’d proposed...

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We’re getting a lot of great questions about how we create and document our products, make our selections, design our trainings, and more. Here’s a peek behind the scenes at Rift. This photo session with our Director of Products and Vendor Relations (internally known as Director of Armamentarium) Austin Appel shows the ‘Making Of’ some of our internal documentation, as Austin creates and captures product shots for the Red Team Kit version 1. See more from the Behind the Scenes: RTKv1 gallery on our Rift Recon Flickr stream. Enjoy, -The Rift Recon Team

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