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We’ve started a Rift Recon newsletter. We’re looking forward to sharing a few things that excite us with you every week, such as news, links, tools and products, and upcoming events as related to physical security. Here’s to growing a robust and informed community.Want to join the list? Sign up via our webform on the left side of this post.Best Wishes,-The Rift Recon Team

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Ten days in Las Vegas sounds like a lot of fun to some people, or a long time for other people. But for the Rift Recon team, the time flew by as we attended and demoed our new Red Team bag at Black Hat USA 2013, BSides Las Vegas and DEF CON 21. These three hacking and security conferences span the high-end professional physical security sector to the independent, under-the-radar contractors. The Rift team had the pleasure of connecting and talking shop with everyone, with all levels of interest, experience and abilities. At Black Hat, just as the keynotes and...

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Independently, we have decades of experience poured into the first version of the RTKv1 containing over 45 tools. We’re extremely proud of this first edition and expect that with time and further input from the community, a complete rethink in how Red Teaming and Pen-Testing is done.  At Rift Recon, we believe that you should not have to waste time getting validated tools to get your job done without having to worry that it will fail. We take pride in providing tools of the highest quality that will perform in the toughest of situations again and again. Over the next few...

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Last week we put out our first call for free stickers and the response was great! Today we sent out our first batch of mail with a variety of stickers that we know you’ll love. So anyone who sent us a correctly formatted address that can receive standard postal mail should receive them within a week just in time for Defcon. To break it down the deal is simple if you want awesome free swag from Rift Recon in the form of stickers send us a email with your properly formatted address to: Lastly, to make sure noone is...

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For a mere 96 pounds you could be the proud owner of what looks like a compact pickset - the German made Pick Set ZIEH-FIX Pick Needle Set “Novum” But upon further examination it turns out this pickset is not what it appears to be at all. This is a manual Electronic Pick Gun (EPG). That is to say, it has 13 different interchangeable tips (3 of each) and one common handle, and ALL of these tips are designed for raking, strong up and down motions. NONE of these tips are designed for the slower techniques used with most manual...

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