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At almost three years and counting, Rift Recon has done our best to establish ourselves as an innovative force in what we see as a market in need.  After getting notes from countless security auditors, testing numerous products ourselves and excising inefficiencies, we decided that now is the time to reveal what we’ve been working on for so long:Introducing the Red Team Kit Micro, in partnership with Hard Case Survival. What makes the Red Team Kit Micro so special is a number of significant, intentional choices in design. It’s exceptionally versatile, and is both our smallest and most accessible kit...

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It seems like just yesterday that we launched, but, unbelievably, it’s almost been a full year....

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The 7&8 Pin Tubular Pick is a sweet tool: Instead of skipping over tubular locks (which we encounter fairly common in the field) during an audit, picking becomes a simple task. Lighten your loadout. With the 7&8 Pin Tubular Pick you no longer need to carry two devices. Now cabinets, soda machines, arcade cabinets, a variety of access control system enclosures and much more are quick and easy to defeat with just a little practice. The tool is compact, it allows you to swap between the two most common pinnings in the field, and it can be smartly hidden in various...

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Last night - while you were sleeping - the Rift Recon Store went live. After processing our first orders this morning, we’re excited to announce that the launch is now official: the Rift Recon Store offers the highest quality physical security and penetration testing products and kits, and trainings, available anywhere. The Rift Recon Store will be adding new products every week. Get individual tools you can’t find anywhere else (like the Under The Door Tool), Rift Recon kits (including the original Red Team Kit) and exclusive, expertly selected collections (such as Rift’s own Bump Key Set) - plus educational...

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