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As we draw closer to the official launch of Rift Recon on July 27th, staff here at Rift have been discussing which written resources we utilize in our daily work to get the job done. From that conversation, we drew up an initial list - and then realized that our readers, friends and clients might like to see it. We hope that by sharing our list, you’ll find the books and other resources we recommend as useful as we have. Here we present, for your edification and inspiration - Rift’s page of recommended Books, Journals, and Other Resources. This page is...

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This weekend, we at Rift Recon finished our one sheet. In fact, we like it so much that we’re going to make it our “About” page. Rift Recon Physical Security Specialists Analysis | Verification | Instruction and Outfitting | Expert Referrals | Assessment | @riftrecon | @ericmichaud Rift Recon tailors its clients from a suite of exclusive physical security service providers, in order to meet their specialized needs in hardware, utilities for physical security assessment, tool creation and team outfitting, as well as specialized trainings, and expert referrals. Our team meets and verifies all equipment needs from solid standards...

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