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Introducing the ‘Rift Recon Beginner Series’ with Aaron Autrand

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Rift Recon has spent two years assisting and collaborating with some of the most brilliant and innovative minds in the security industry. In doing so, we’ve categorized ourselves as adhering to a certain level of quality and expertise, and have recently intuited that that level may feel inaccessible to folks who are just testing the waters of cyber security, physical security, or both. As a result, we polled a vast number of our beginner and intermediate level trainees and company allies and determined there was a demand for a more elementary approach to certain skills we advertise. Thus the “Rift...

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Rift Recon Shows Executives How to Get Their Hands Dirty

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Last week Rift Recon trainers teamed up with an exclusive cache of forward-thinkers in the start-up and financial industries to offer a “micro” version of our renowned Art of Escape training. The unique urban escape and evasion workshop was sponsored by innovative venture capital organization Ribbit Capital and covered basic lockpicking techniques as well as restraint-escape tactics. This intimate gathering was one of a few private functions Rift has been offering on a limited basis to corporations and organizations interested in buffing up their security competency as necessitated by their individual professional demands. Lucky for the attendees, it’s just as...

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Inaugural ‘Tech Lab’ a Roaring Success at Oslo Freedom Forum 2015

activism anonymity human rights Human Rights Foundation journalism privacy security

Last week, the 2015 Oslo Freedom Forum united hundreds of international voices to address some of the world’s most critical human rights issues with the goals of challenging ideas and implementing change. The Rift Recon Team was on site running the conference’s first Tech Lab, which was designed to advise the attending activists, journalists, attorneys, artists, government officials, and other warm bodies on sensitive issues of security, privacy, and anonymity. “This year’s company presence was markedly different from last year’s,” said Rift Recon CEO Eric Michaud, “Last year we combined a presentation with subsequent focus groups, but we discovered an...

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Rift Recon to Host Tech Lab at 7th Annual Oslo Freedom Forum

activism human rights Human Rights Foundation journalism Oslo Freedom Forum OsloFF privacy security

Tomorrow kicks off the seventh annual Oslo Freedom Forum (OFF) hosted by the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), a non-profit organization that promotes and protects human rights globally, with a focus on closed societies. At last year’s revolutionary conference Rift Recon traveled across the world to present a comprehensive security workshop to the crowds of rights defenders, scholars, dissidents, policymakers, Nobel Laureates, visionaries, heads of state, journalists, and other activists. Due to the undeniable popularity of the workshop and the demand for more individualized attention to specific incidences of threat and vulnerability, Rift Recon returned to OFF this year in a...

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Introducing the Red Team Kit Micro

Micro Red Team Kit Red Team Kit Micro RTK RTKMicro

At almost three years and counting, Rift Recon has done our best to establish ourselves as an innovative force in what we see as a market in need.  After getting notes from countless security auditors, testing numerous products ourselves and excising inefficiencies, we decided that now is the time to reveal what we’ve been working on for so long:Introducing the Red Team Kit Micro, in partnership with Hard Case Survival. What makes the Red Team Kit Micro so special is a number of significant, intentional choices in design. It’s exceptionally versatile, and is both our smallest and most accessible kit...

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