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What is in the bag. Do you have a list of contents?

Q: What is in the bag. Do you have a list of contents?Which bag? The contents are listed on the respective pages at http://shop.riftrecon.com Please refer to the pages there for your answers. :)

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Art of Escape Featured in ILOC Summer 2015 Issue

Investigative Locksmith Brian Denyer has been writing and illustrating articles about antique locks, restraints, and methods of escape for Canada’s Institutional Locksmiths Organization of Canada (ILOC) since its inception. ILOC is a national not-for-profit trade organization with members across North America, and was created to help fill a void in the Institutional and In-House Locksmith and Security communities. The group shares resources, facilitates professional communication and support, conducts trainings and seminars, and publishes a quarterly magazine available for free to the general public.  For their recently-released Summer 2015 issue, Denyer wrote a comprehensive investigative article on Urban Kidnapping and Hostage...

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Rift Recon’s Art of Escape Featured In Black Belt Magazine

art of escape Rift Recon training

Best-selling American novelist Barry Eisler was an exceedingly precocious student in one of the first Rift Recon Art of Escape courses last year in San Francisco. Unbeknownst to us at the time, Eisler was not just hungry for knowledge - he was ravenous. The Art of Escape was only one in a long series of defense and survival trainings that Eisler embarked on, and he recently published a comprehensive piece in Black Belt Magazine detailing his experiences. For the entire story, be sure to pick up a print copy of Black Belt or subscribe today! - Arianna Travaglini Executive Assistant...

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Now Buy Emergency Handcuff Keys in Bulk!

Exciting news! We will now be offering our Emergency Handcuff Keys, one of our customer favorites, at larger order volumes! Previously only offered in pairs, you can now purchase 1 unit for 5.95, 2 for 9.95, 4 for 18.95, 10 for 45.95, and 20 for 79.95.The strong universal handcuff key sits in the center of a black plastic nylon ring, where it can be easily snapped out and put to use. The key’s material is filled with 40% glass fiber fill to strengthen the key and prevent breakage, so you can rest assured the only parts that break are the ones...

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Rift Recon Brings The Art of Escape to ISSW 2015

artofescape Escape Evasion hacker InfoSec ISSW lockpicking restraints training

Rift Recon is to offer their first large-scale urban escape and evasion training of the New Year to those attending InfoSec Southwest in Austin, TX on April 8th-10th.“We’re talking about an entirely new terrain with entirely new challenges. The Austin playing field will be unparalleled to what any Art of Escape participant has experienced before.”San Francisco, CA February 4th, 2015 As the InfoSec Southwest (ISSW) conference approaches, San Francisco security company Rift Recon bolsters its arsenal of cutting-edge knowledge in anticipation. In addition to the lecture tracks, ISSW has a number of specialized and in-depth training courses available before the...

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