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If the city you live in fell into crisis and disarray and you had to survive for 72 hours - or get out - could you? Could you escape an attempted kidnapping, move through the city unnoticed, or commandeer a boat to escape San Francisco?
After you take Rift Recon's three-day Art of Escape workshop, you'll answer yes to all these questions, and more. Over three intensive days, two of the physical security industry’s most sought-after professionals from Rift Recon will go hands-on with students in an immersive class that arms you with the basics to outsmart, outmaneuver and survive in a destabilized city.

Rift’s trainers pull from their wealth of knowledge as former military contractors and professional security detail work for high net worth individuals to ensure students emerge from The Art of Escape confident to:
  • Perform threat analysis; defend yourself with and without with weapons
  • Commandeer a boat, car or motorcycle and navigate out of the SF Area
  • Execute covert movement; move through a crowd unnoticed
  • Escape a kidnapping (open handcuffs, duct tape, rope, etc.)
  • Find food, water, shelter
  • Use a radio for information and communication
  • Gain access to restricted or unauthorized areas; pick and open locks
  • Create alternative identification; find currency
  • Escape pursuit on foot and in a vehicle; plan escape routes
Time requirements: Three nine-hour days
Dates: Thursday February 26th - Saturday February 28th, 2015

Cost: $2000
Kit: Students are equipped with all necessary gear, to keep; dress for outdoor Urban movement


Student Quote:

“Rift Recon’s Art of Escape was the best urban escape, evasion, and survival course I’ve had since training with the CIA.  Improvised lock picks; caching valuables; elements of disguise; and so much more… all capped off by a full-day field exercise, thoughtfully conducted to mimic real-life conditions and inject real adrenal stress.  I’m amazed at how much was covered in just three days, and can’t wait to take the intermediate course as soon as soon as it’s ready.”

-Barry Eisler, former CIA agent and best-selling American novelist


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Photo by Geoff Livingston under license CC-2.0.

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