Throwing Star LAN Tap Pro

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A small and simple, but very powerful tool, the Throwing Star LAN Tap Pro is a kit bag must-have for monitoring Ethernet communications - and it's ready to go out of the box.

This affordable, no-assembly-required passive little Tap requires no power, provides 10BASET and 100BASETX monitoring, is discreet and offers TX monitoring capabilities. Mix it with your favorite packet sniffing programs, such as tcpdump, TSharkWireshark, etc. - and you'll be serving up one smooth surveillance cocktail.

Ninjas take note: the Throwing Star LAN Tap Pro has two cleverly positioned capacitors that push 1000BASET networks into negotiating at lower speeds invisibly to the end user (average 100BASETX).

To use, connect Ethernet cables to the Tap in line with your target network to be monitored. Next, connect Ethernet cables to one or both of the monitoring ports, and to ports on one or two monitoring stations. (Each port monitors traffic in one direction only.) Capturing network traffic has never gone so smoothly.