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Thanks to the innovators at Hak5, Rubber Duckies are no longer just for bathtime!



These Deluxe Edition USB Rubber Duckies are a preferred, valued accessory of IT professionals, hackers, and penetration testers around the world, and each one comes complete with a covert "thumb drive" casing. No longer a simple IT automation proof-of-concept, it has evolved into a fully-operational, multi-faceted commercial Keystroke Injection Attack Platform, complete with accessible scripting language, formidable hardware, and masterful design.Through collaborative efforts with industry professionals and players, Rift Recon is proud to offer our customers a powerful, versatile custom hardware platform that boasts:

  • A Fast 60 MHz 32-bit Processor

  • Convenient Type A USB Connector

  • An Expandable Memory via Micro SD

  • A hideable inside in an innocuous looking case

  • An Onboard Payload Replay Button    


Hak5 has intentionally designed the USB Rubber Ducky to appeal to a wide range of user competencies, prioritizing the product’s ease-of use. Writing payloads is as simple as writing a text file in notepad, textedit, vi or emacs. Just follow these straightforward instructions, and you’re writing Ducky Script!:

  • Type "Hello World" with STRING Hello World

  • Add pauses between commands with DELAY. Use DELAY 100 for short 100 milliseconds pauses or DELAY 1000 for longer 1 second pauses.

  • Combine specials keys. ALT F4, CONTROL ESCAPE, WINDOWS R, SHIFT TAB. They all do exactly as expected.

  • Use REM to comment your code before sharing it.   

Nearly every computer including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones take input from Humans via Keyboards. It's why there's a specification with the ubiquitous USB standard known as HID - or Human Interface Device. Simply put, any USB device claiming to be a Keyboard HID will be automatically detected and accepted by most modern operating systems. Whether it be a Windows, Mac, Linux or Android device the Keyboard is King. By taking advantage of this inherent trust with scripted keystrokes at speeds beyond 1000 words per minute traditional countermeasures can be bypassed by this tireless trooper - the Hak5 Deluxe Edition USB Rubber Ducky.


As an added bonus, each USB Rubber Ducky comes accompanied by a digital copy of ACCESS PROHIBITED: The Physical Security Tool Guide to Hacks, Cracks, and Recon.

Author (and Rift Recon CEO) Eric Michaud teamed up with illustrator Martin Whitmore, photographer Alex Rodriguez, and a team of physical security penetration testers to distill physical security hacking into this incredible guide. This fully illustrated 35-page color guide explains the tools, techniques and methods used in the field every day by physical security professionals worldwide to gain unauthorized access to buildings, rooms and facilities. The specialized tools and everyday items, from the exotic to the ordinary, are described in clear step-by-step instructions accompanied by color photos and bold illustrations. Learn true techniques from the seasoned experts in Rift Recon's stable of engineers, red teamers, instructors and field operatives!