Rift Recon Basic Bump Key Set

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A Rift Recon exclusive, the Rift Recon Bump Key Set fits in your stealthiest go-kit without weighing you down. It never leaves you high and dry, wishing you brought along one of those other, overpriced, bulky bump key sets!

Lock bumping is a technique for opening pin-and-tumbler locks using specially-crafted keys. Our ergonomic set was carefully selected by a Rift crew of collaborative, hardcore red-teamers and recognized lock pick experts.

This sleek 3-key set is not to be underestimated, and is only available from Rift Recon.

Bump keys are favorites for professionals who like to get in and out with no muss, no fuss, and no fumbling - fast. You'll finally experience a light bump set that is both minimalist and complete, encompassing residential locks, commercial security hardware, and padlocks.

This exclusive Rift Recon Basic Bump Key Set also comes in our premium Red Team Kit Micro.