7&8 Pin Tubular Pick

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The 7&8 Pin Tubular Pick is a sweet tool: instead of skipping tubular locks (which we encounter fairly often in the field) during an audit, picking becomes a simple task.

Lighten your loadout. With the 7&8 Pin Tubular Pick you no longer need to carry two devices. Now cabinets, soda machines, arcade games, a variety of access control system enclosures and many more are quick and easy to defeat with just a little practice.

This compact tool allows you to swap between the two most common pinnings in the field, and can be cleverly hidden in various places. It also fits into most pockets in our Red Team Kit bag (in fact, the 7&8 Pin Tubular Pick is part of the Red Team Kit tool set).

To ensure flawless operation, users should disassemble the tool and wipe down the tangs from time to time. Extend its life by storing it in a cool dry place between uses.