The Rift Recon Under The Door Tool 2.0

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The Under The Door Tool has one use, and its execution is swift and faultless: It goes underneath a door and pulls open a door handle from the inside.

The Under The Door Tool is a pentest professional industry standard that utilizes the implementation of United States requirements that door hardware be compliant to regulations for user-safety and universal accessibility. To meet building codes, lever handles are added to, or put or in place of, a round door knob.

As many physical penetration specialists know, most buildings keep the inside door lever unlocked from the inside in case of emergencies, or for convenience - even when the outside door lever is locked. 

The UTDT has been a classic Rift product, offered in our very first Red Team Kit. There is still just one company that makes the UTDT, and when we learned that they were releasing a new and improved version, we had to have it!

Introducing: The Under The Door Tool 2.0

The UTDT is comprised of two primary parts calibrated precisely to meet and engage door hardware regulation lengths: a sturdy, specifically angled rod, and its attached stainless steel cable (wire rope).

The 2.0 is the upgraded version of the beloved original UTDT at the same affordable price. It's lighter and more malleable, with a piano wire rod that's about 20% thinner than the classic.

Unlike the original, the cable can be disconnected from the rod, thereby allowing you to separate the pieces and pack it easily for more covert action.

While the original UTDT had a chrome-plated rod that was prone to flaking and fracturing, the new nickel-plated rod runs no such risk. The wire is easy to fix and can be smoothly interchanged with nylon, and the tool's overall flexibility means it can be carried more creatively. It still fits handily inside our premium Red Team Kit bag and stays coiled and ready for use with its included quick release strap (Under The Door Tool is part of the Red Team Kit toolset). 

To extend the life of the Under The Door Tool, we recommend wiping the rod free of sweat and moisture and storing it uncoiled in a dry place when not in use, such as hanging in a closet or on a shelf away from sunlight. If your UTDT gets rained on, dry it thoroughly before storage.

When it's time for a job, coil it up, pack it, and you're ready to open doors.

  • Rift Recon Exclusive
  • Nickel Plated (Not chrome which chips)
  • 43" extended, 19.5" coiled
  • Rolls into discreet, flat coil
  • The choice of hotel professionals
  • Durable, easy to use

Here is a video showing how quickly the Under The Door Tool can be deployed and utilized.


We also include a high resolution digital version of the Red Team Kit Dossier Under The Door Tool.