Emergency Handcuff Key

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  • Universal handcuff key
  • Sews into clothing, laces onto shoes
  • Break-away design for quick use
  • Strong fiber-fill construction
  • Discreet, light as a feather 

No one likes it when their friends get cute with handcuffs and stupidly lose or forget the key - and at-risk individuals, such as women, are smart to equip themselves with a risk-reduction safeguard. The Emergency Handcuff Key is something few people will ever need, but those who have one stashed in a coat sleeve can get themselves out of sticky situations big and small. 

A strong universal handcuff key sits in the center of a black plastic nylon ring, where it can be easily snapped out and put to use. The key's material is 40% glass fiber fill to strengthen the key and prevent breakage, so you can rest assured the only parts that break will be the ones you want. Its tiny, lightweight disc is easily sewn into coats, dresses, bras, trousers, skirts, and socks (yes, it's that light), and it can also be woven into shoelaces, onto purse straps, and more.

If you would like more than 20 Emergency Handcuff Keys, contact info@riftrecon.com for special pricing.