Folding Razor Saw

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* Feather-light
* Fold-out razor and saw
* Black matte blades and case
* Keychain-ready

Not bigger than an ordinary house key and just as light, this folding razor saw is the ultimate low profile cutting tool. Tucked in a sleek black matte case are a sawblade that cuts wood and most metals beginning with one pull, and a five centimeter razor blade to get you through rope, netting, and even fine jobs with ease.

This folding razor saw is petite enough to fit on a keychain, or its small attachment loop allows it to be sewn into jacket sleeves. Better yet, both blades have a low-profile matte finish so there's no worrying about unwanted attention when you use this tool. Its matte handle makes a great grip, and it has discreet centimeter marks for times that call for a bit of precision.

Closed: 2.77' length, .64' width, .325" thickness
Open: 4.66' length .325' thickness .64' width
Weight: 11.7 grams (41 oz)