Micro Bogota® Titanium Flats

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The problem with trying to be covert is that some of our favorite tools are just a bit too conspicuous to be truly invisible. If stealth is your objective, look no further than these gunmetal grey, aircraft titanium, flat picks. 

For the lock picking enthusiast who always wants a set of tools on hand, the micro Bogota® Flats are a simple choice. These single- and triple-hump picks have a limited magnetic footprint and are extremely resistant to corrosion. The handle of each pick is a tension wrench, eliminating the need for additional entry tools.

They're thin enough to be nearly invisible under things, yet just as durable as other picks. Each pick is approximately 2.7" x .75" x .033".

  • Single-hump Bogota® with tension wrench end
  • Triple-hump Bogota® with tension wrench end
  • Vinyl sleeve