Red Team Kit Mini Pro

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When you know what you need to do, this kit has exactly what you need for entry, target objective success, and an invisible exit. The Red Team Kit Mini Pro packs powerful tools in a sleek, discreet package.

Rift Recon's Mini Pro is much more than a garden-variety "black bag." The Mini is a standalone covert entry kit designed specifically for professionals who know they need to get in and out smoothly, with a minimum of bulk and no extraneous gear.

Our Mini Pro has the essential tools needed for standard Red Team audits, plus a few twists of ingenuity when all you want to carry is a pocketful of backup.

Accept no imitations. This kit outstrips other kits of this size on the market with its usability, practical and knowledgeable tool selections, unparalleled understanding of tool functionality in true red team scenarios and - compared to its imitations - not a single item was chosen as an afterthought.

You will put every tool to use in this smartly assembled bag, and all items are ready to come out and play with no assembly required.

This is the perfect kit for a red teamer on a quick, out of town or spontaneous job (we'll ship to your hotel), any Red Team consultant, or an internal corporate security team that wants to put physical security to the test without breaking anyone's budget.

The Mini Pro's pentest arsenal boasts 21 select tools and prized subversive implements - and we're excited to be working closely with brilliant tooling specialists who have helped make it possible for us to get you this kit at a great price.

Rift's Red Team Kit Mini Pro comes with documentation that details how each tool is used, its functions, and we guarantee you'll have a clear understanding of tool use before you set foot on work-related property, private or otherwise. Along with Rift's signature Red Team Dossier training materials that come with each of our kits, the Mini Pro also includes three months of support to answer questions, give tips, or share strategies about the Mini Pro's tools.



Note: Because of popularity this product takes for 4-6 weeks for fulfillment.