Bogota π® 5-piece Lock Pick Tool Set

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You’ve learned how to pick locks. You’ve practiced and gotten good at it. Now you’d like a quality set of tools that matches your skills. We present the Bogota® π 5-Piece Set, in your choice of aircraft-grade titanium or full hard 301 stainless steel, extremely resistant to corrosion and magnets, and approximately 3.14159265359 inches long.

There are 4 pockets on one side to securely hold your new picks and a large pocket on the other side for cards. The standard vinyl sleeve may be upgraded to leather to match your look, as desired. The set also fits perfectly in the Nomatic wallet.

Set includes:

  • Hook
  • Double Hump
  • Triple Hump
  • Quad Wrench
  • Double Sided Tensioner
  • 5-Pocket Sleeve