Slim Shims

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We watched actress Helen Mirren slide one of these Slim Shims out of her sleeve to escape an assassin in the film 'Red 2', and we really think there's no better endorsement than that. Ms. Mirren used them to get out of handcuffs - and they're the right tool for that job - though slim shims are your best friends when you're doing hardware and electronics hacking, fine work with models, or need to pop open your phone case (and not split a fingernail doing it).

Light, flat, discreet and strong spring steel, these little gems can be stashed anywhere. They come in a pack of two - so thin they can hang unnoticed between your keys on a keychain, slip into your wallet, or be safety-pinned anywhere, or you can even add a jump ring and attach one to your favorite jacket's zipper-pull.