Rift Escape Ring

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The Rift Escape Ring is perfect for anyone who wants a sleek titanium ring and may need to get out of a jam in seconds. This subtle, sleek tool is a perfect addition to the daily look of any escape enthusiast. Unlike any other ring, this one hides a secret: an unyielding stainless steel saw/handcuff shim-pick combination tool, which is completely concealed in the ring when worn. Our simple, gender-neutral ring is cut from solid barstock and polished to a mirror finish, boasting the appearance of any high-quality piece of jewelry. 

You'll have a tool that's right where you need it at all times - even when handcuffed. The shim can be used to open single-locked handcuffs, while the saw can cut through non-metallic materials. The ring's stainless steel saw (2" x 1/8" x 1/64") and its unusual flexibility allows it to curve around the inside of the ring and stay seated comfortably and securely in the interior.

  • Made of strong, lightweight titanium
  • Classic, inconspicuous design
  • Unlocks/jimmies single-locked handcuffs
  • Cuts through zip ties, duct tape, rope and many other non-metallic materials
  • Does not work on double-locked handcuffs
  • Available in six ring sizes: 9-14 (you may need to order one size larger than your normal ring size)
  • Made in the USA

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