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Gentleman's Bogotas® Titanium Flats

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The problem with trying to be covert is that some of our favorite tools are just a bit too conspicuous to be truly invisible. If stealth is your objective, look no further than the Gentleman's Bogotas® Titanium Flats.

For the lock picking enthusiast who always wants a set of tools on hand, the Gentleman's Bogotas® Titanium Flats are a simple choice. These single and triple hump picks have a limited magnetic footprint and are extremely resistant to corrosion. The handle end of each pick doubles as a tension wrench, eliminating the need to carry additional entry tools. They're thin enough to hardly make a visible outline beneath the material shielding them, yet just as durable as other titanium picks, and make a wonderful addition to any preexisting set.

  • Single-hump Bogota with tension wrench end (1)
  • Triple-hump Bogota with tension wrench end (1)
  • Tiny; each pick is approximately .125" X 1.85"
  • Covert gunmetal grey color

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