Gentleman's Bogotas® Titanium Sabana

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  • Discreet; ergonomic design
  • Titanium, precise undercutting, 
  • Pin to collars, sleeves, hemlines, shoes, hats - anywhere
  • Fully functional, strong picks
  • Superior Bogota® quality
  • Each pick approximately 1/8" x 3"
  • Each handle end is a tension wrench

Wear your lock picks pinned to anything that goes everywhere with you, and they will always be right where you want them, when you want them. Two superior quality Bogota® Titanium Sabana picks slip snugly into their pin for secure carrying so you never leave them at home, and you're always ready for whatever fate - or double agents - might try to put in your way. 

Crafted from aircraft-grade titanium, these entry tools have a limited magnetic footprint and are extremely corrosion-resistant. Light and covert, the Bogota® Sabana is the new "go-to" tool for operators.

Bogota® is a trusted name in locksport worldwide, and this short set packs solid capability into a strong, light, prizefighter's package. Their superior design features resilient tensile strength, precise agility and an ergonomic in-hand experience. They're light in the keyway, while their consistent thickness eliminates weak points throughout each pick.

When you know how to pick, you may find that a Bogota® is all you need. This matched pair doubles as tension wrenches, so you always have two picks and no superfluous tension wrench. 

In their clever pincase, Bogota® Titanium Sabanas are the perfect picks for the gentleman or the whipsmart femme fatale. Pin these featherweights to your collar, hat, sleeve, vest, hemline, or wherever you choose, and never worry about getting stuck, locked out or in, or stranded - ever.