Gentlemen's Bogota® 7-Piece Flats

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All your favorite Titanium Bogota® picks now come in one convenient 7-piece bundle!

  • Single Hump
  • Double Hump
  • Triple Hump
  • Tension Wrench
  • Sabana
  • Monserrate Fore
  • Monserrate Aft

Pin your lock picks to something that goes everywhere with you, and they will be right where you want them, when you want them.

Bogotas® are a trusted name in locksport worldwide. Their superior design features resilient tensile strength, precise agility, and an ergonomic in-hand experience. They're light in the keyway, while their consistent thickness prevents weak points throughout each pick.

When you know how to pick, you may find that Bogotas® are all you need. Each pick is approximately 4.74" x .32" x .003".