Gentlemen's Bogota Titanium Flats 7 Piece Set

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All your favorite trusted Titanium Bogota Picks now come in one convenient seven-piece bundle!

The Set Contains:

  • Single Hump (1)
  • Double Hump (1)
  • Triple Hump (1)
  • Tension Wrench (1)
  • Sabana (1)
  • Monserrate Fore (1)
  • Monserrate Aft (1)
  • & each pick is app. 4.74" x .32" x .003"

Wear your lockpicks pinned to anything that goes everywhere with you, and your lockpicks will always be right where you want them, when you want them.

Bogotas are a trusted name in locksport worldwide, and this innovative new set packs solid capability into a light, strong, prize-fighter's package. Their superior design features resilient tensile strength, precise agility and an ergonomic in-hand experience. They're light in the keyway, while their continuous thickness eliminates weak points throughout each pick.

When you know how to pick, you may find that the Bogotas are all you need.