HPC PIP-13 Lockpicks

Premium tools you can rely on: the HPC PIP-13 Lockpicks stand out as the hallmark of quality and dependability among professionals in a market oversaturated with substandard picks. The HPC PIP-13 are known for their excellence and resilience. Once you're on the lockpicking path - or on the job - this is the set you'll want at hand.

These are not the cheap knock-offs you'll find at outlets that rush their products to market - these are small and powerful, and they transmit sensation and precision like no other picks you'll try. We worked hard to get the best, and at a great price.

HPC PIP-13 Lockpicks are of quality construction and fabrication: Spring steel comprises the core element of this indispensable set.

HPC PIP-13 is the most popular set, and it has earned its bestseller status. With seven picks, three tension tools, and one broken key extractor, HPC PIP-13 is exactly what the seasoned picker or serious beginner needs to get the job done. This set has everything you need and absolutely nothing you don’t.




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Type: Tools

Vendor: Rift Recon

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