Gentlemen's Lockpick Card - Titanium

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Traditional lockpick sets may be functional in practice, but rarely are they functional in design. So infrequently do we slip our pick sets in our pockets and purses with the same thoughtless ease with which we carry our phones and wallets that when a situation arises, we rarely have the tools necessary to deal with it at our disposal. If only there were emergency pick sets so discrete, weightless, and precise as to slide right in with our day-to-day accessories. 

Introducing the Gentleman's Titanium Lockpick Card, the very model of intelligent design. This handy lock-picking tool set will fit in your wallet next to your other cards and can be quickly snapped apart when a situation arises.  This card is a genuine and fully-functional lockpick set made of superb titanium, not stamped aluminum or plastic.The working ends of all the pick tools are completely standard size so you can pick almost any pin tumbler lock.

Comes with: a feeler hook, a short hook, a tension tool, a half-diamond, and three rakes.

Note: Once you snap the Gentleman's Titanium Lockpick Card apart, it does not go back together in its original form. However, it does retain full functionality as a lock pick set, and the tools can be sewn into clothing for repeated use.

This emergency pick card is made completely in the United States.