Red Team Kit Micro

Rift's Red Team Kit Micro comes in a custom bag designed by Hard Case Survival with digital documentation that details how each tool is used as well as illustrates their multiple functions. We guarantee you'll have a clear understanding of tool use before you set foot on work-related property, private or otherwise. Along with Rift's signature Red Team Dossier training materials that come with each of our kits, the Micro also includes three months of complimentary, diligent support to answer questions, give tips, or share strategies about the Micro's tools.

The Red Team Kit Micro Contains:

  • HPC PIP-13 Pick Set
  • Bump Keys (SC1, KW1, & M1)
  • Shove Knife
  • Sparrow Bump Hammer
  • 7&8 Tubular Pick
  • 10-piece Auto Jiggler Set
  • Emergency Handcuff Keys (2)
  • Quickstick Shims (2)
  • Easy Decoder Shims (2)
  • Rytan Plug Spinner
  • American Padlock Bypass Tool
  • BPG10 Brockhage Pick Gun
  • Removable, Reconfigurable Velcro Panels (3)
  • Custom Cordura Travel Case



Category: collection, entry, kit, pentest, red team, security, tool

Type: Kits

Vendor: Rift Recon

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