RFIDler - LF Beta

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Rift Recon is thrilled to exclusively offer an exciting new product by Aperture Labs: The RFIDler! The RFIDler (RFID Low-frequency Emulator & Reader) is an open platform RFID reader/writer/emulator that can operate in the 125-134 KHz range.
Aperture Labs has written extensive firmware which includes a user interface and an API to allow easy use of the system and to allow you to explore, read and emulate a wide range of low frequency RFID tags.
    • Utilize ANY modulation scheme, including bi-directional protocols
    • Write data to tag
    • Read data from tag
    • Emulate tag
    • Sniff conversations between external reader & tag
    • Provide raw as well as decoded data
    • External antenna connection
    • USB power and user interface
    • TTL interface
    • GPIO interface
    • JTAG interface for programming
    • USB Bootloader for easy firmware updating
    • External CLOCK interface if not using processor
    • External power connector if not using USB
      The hardware gives you the capability to read/write/emulate more or less any LF tag, but they've also taken the hard work out of most of them by implementing all the tag types they could find in the public domain. These include:
      • EM4102 / Unique
      • Hitag 1/2/S
      • FDX-B (ISO 11784/5 Animal Standard)
      • Q5
      • T55xx
      • Indala
      • Noralsy
      • HID Prox
      • NXP PCF7931 
      • Texas Instruments
      • VeriChip
      • FlexPass

      RFIDler-LF-Standard - This is the fully populated Low Frequency (125/134KHz) board with on-board processor that can be used as a stand-alone device for research and in-the-field testing etc., providing TTL and USB serial command line and API interfaces as well as raw GPIO, clock and power.
      Notes: Not including with this unit: PwnPad, USB cable.