Universal Lock Picking Practice Vise w/ Training Mortise Cylinder

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This vise gives you the ability to set up a hands-free picking station anywhere there is a ledge. Each 2-part lock is designed to clamp onto most table edges up to 2.5" thick. The adjustable jaws can hold a variety of locks, from cylinders to padlocks, up to 1.25" in height and 2" in width.

This set comes with a Training Mortise Cylinder and two keys.

Requires #3 Philips screwdriver for assembly (not included)

Training Mortise Cylinder

Training cylinder with working key. A 5 pin cylinder Schlage "C" Keyway ready for practice picking and bumping.

Clear Practice Locks

Great for learning and teaching lock manipulation. Each lock has standard pins and uses a SC1 keyway.